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Having nurtured a deep passion for music from an early age and keeping acoustic classical music as the core influence and background, Jan's approach to this art encompasses the aim of finding new colours and sounds together with the integration of the storytelling and emotional power of music to the media he works on, giving as a result hybrid and unique scores that go from film and video-game music to theatre and concert music pieces.

Entering into music initially as a double bass player, he obtained a degree in Classical and Contemporary Music Performance in the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC, Barcelona) and was then admitted to the world-renowned Royal College of Music, in London, to study a Master in Composition graduating with distinction and being awarded with the Joseph Horovitz Composition Prize. He wants to express his gratitude for the generous support by The Major Van Someren-Godfrey Memorial Scholarship during his studies in London.


In 2017 he co-founded Rainfall Music Productions with fellow composer Christos Kiourtidis. After studying together in the Royal College of Music and realizing they had a similar and complementary approach to music, they decided to team-up and start a common project focused on videogame music composition and production. Their first release was the conceptual album Skywards (2017) and they are currently working on the title Echoes VR (PS4, early 2020; Rogue Titan Games).


As a film composer he has worked on numerous projects, including the recent collaborations with filmmakers Miguel Faus (The Death of Don Quixote), Luke Howe (Sauce for the Goose), Arnau Gòdia (Roger, Psicolpase), Andreu Corberà (5.15 AM) and Forest Film Studio (Make a Move).


Profesional affiliation: SGAE


Film music

5:15 A.M (short film by Andreu Corberà), currently in production
Make A Move (spot), 2019
Germina (spot), 2019

Hiperion (short film by Rubén Jiménez), 2018
Sauce for the Goose (short film by Luke Howe), 2018
The Death of Don Quixote (short film by Miguel Faus), 2018
Stubble Born (short film by Kevin Barnett), 2017
Prodigal (short film by Edward Hicks), 2017
Psicolapse (short film by Arnau Gòdia), 2017
Elk (short film by Yosra Abdulamir), 2016
Roger (short film by Martí Montañola), 2016


Interactive music / video games

Echoes VR (Rogue Titan Games), scheduled on 2020
Skywards (Rainfall Music Productions), 2017

Concert music

Sinera (solo violin), 2019
Terra - incidental music for the album (violin, guitar and vocals), 2019
Sió (winds ensemble), 2018
Golden Sound Fanfare (for six horns), 2017
Suite (violin & piano), 2016

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